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Thinking of starting a career with US Xpress?

A full-service trucking company, US Xpress is also looking for new talent to join the company through regular driver recruiting. Recently celebrating their 25th year of operation, this small company has grown from just 48 trucks in 1986 to the 6th largest truckload carrier in the nation.

If you’re serious about finding US Xpress jobs, there is a lot you’ll want to know.

US Xpress Job Opportunities

Life as a US Xpress trucker is rewarding.

Not only will you make good money, but you’ll be able to travel all over the country. Stable, skilled drivers are always in demand with opportunities in the following sectors:

  • OTR
  • Regional
  • Dedicated
  • Team
  • Owner Operator

If you don’t have a truck of your own, there are even lease-own opportunities that will get you in the driver’s seat as quickly as possible. For someone just getting their CDL, this is a great choice that comes with a lot of perks.

US Xpress Pay Scale and Benefits

One thing separates this company from the rest: pay scale. You will be paid a fair wage with great benefits for your hard work. There are recent graduate opportunities for new drivers with less than a year of experience on the road.

If you’re a former military personnel, you’ll also be able to ask about military service pay, which is even higher.

Each trucking sector has their own respective pay rates. Let’s take a look at the rates that you’ll get for hauling:

Company Truck Drivers

Earn up to 43.5 cents per mile with teams making as much as 48 cents per mile. Most company drivers will fall within this category. Not only are you paid regular pay by the mile, but you can also be paid for:

  • Layover
  • Retention
  • Referrals
  • Extra pick-ups

When it comes to health and financial benefits, you’ll be treated to some of the best benefits in the industry. Low-cost health, dental and vision insurance is offered. All drivers will receive company-paid life insurance of $10,000.

Worried about retirement? You’ll be able to deposit money into a 401k, and you’ll never have to pick up a paycheck with direct deposit. It’s a fair company with fair benefits and compensation.

There are also a slew of perks available that you won’t find anywhere else. This includes:

  • The world’s best trucking equipment.
  • Adequate home time to spend with the family.
  • Passenger rider program. Bring along 1 passenger aged 10 and older.
  • Toll cards offered.

If you’re like most drivers, the road can be long and lonely. After all, there’s not much to do when you’re hauling nationwide. Luckily, you’ll be able to bring your furry friend along for the ride. All drivers are allowed to bring one cat or dog on board their rig as long as they are not an aggressive breed. For anyone that has an animal, this makes trucker life a little easier and a lot less lonely.

But, there is more.

The company boasts that 98% of freight is no-touch, and 60% – 70% is drop and hook freight. This means that you do less of the heavy lifting, and more of what you love – driving.

Recent Graduates / Students

Not yet an experienced driver?

Students and graduates can work with the company and will receive 4 pay raises within their first year of driving. As a recent grad, you’ll be paid for:

  • Orientations: There is a 3-day orientation, depending on location, where you’ll be paid $58 – $66 per day.
  • Training: If you’re training with the company during 175/215 hour training, you’ll earn $70 per day.


You’ll also receive up to $7,000 tuition reimbursement. Once you’re finished and start working, you’ll start at 35 cents per mile. As you continue to show that you can maintain a clean driving record, your pay will increase for a total of 4 pay increases within 1-year of driving. This will boost your earnings up to 44 – 48 cents per mile – the same as an advanced driver.

It gets even better – you’ll receive up to $8,000 in a sign-on bonus.

All of the additional perks and benefits are the same as listed above.

US Xpress Contractors / Lease Program

One of the great things is that all US Xpress locations offer a lease program. This allows you to get driving and earn more money faster. Those that own their own truck will be considered contractors and will earn $0.92 – $1.00 per mile with over 5,000 miles offered a week.

As a lease, drivers will receive a 2015 vehicle with a 550,000 mile warranty.

Weekly statements are provided for all contractors. It’s a great opportunity for anyone that is confident in running their own rig and doesn’t want to work directly for one company. Contracts will need to be signed prior to a driver running their own rig. Furthermore, contracted drivers will forfeit many of the benefits offered by the company.

However, you’ll be paid almost double what others drivers are paid.

One thing apparent by US Xpress reviews is that the company will do their best to match you to the right trucking job based on your needs. There are also dedicated routes that offer paid vacation and substantial pay raises. These routes allow those with families to have a more structured work schedule that allows them much-needed family time.

US Xpress is Hiring

While you may have to wait in line to find a job in most industries, there is never a shortage in demand for truckers.

The country runs on trucking, and you’ll be able to find a job at virtually any trucking company – including US Xpress.

There are opportunities all across the country.

You can apply right online to fill a position today. All of the logistics and hard work is taken out of the equation.

All you will need is a proper license, usually a CDL, to get started.

If you don’t have a license yet, you can inquire about the company’s tuition reimbursement plan that will pay you back up to $7,000 for your education.

Just keep in mind that there are restrictions and requirements that need to be met to be eligible.