Panther Trucking

panther trucking

Surpassing 98.5% On-time Pick-up and Delivery

Panther Trucking, also known as Panther Expedited Services, first opened its doors in 1992 and has allowed no less than a 98.5 percent on-time, within 15 minutes, schedule at all times. This has allowed the company to become one of the most trusted names in trucking. Serving over 11,000 clients all over the country, Panther Trucking is able to provide premium services – without the price increase.

panther trucking

Services Offered

Panther moves beyond just regular ground transport and offers a range of trucking services that will fit perfectly into virtually every business sector in the world. From air and sea transport to door-to-door trucking, the company offers solutions tailored to their client’s needs. These services include:


Panther is able to offer swift services from any location in the country. What makes their ground service run smoothly is their tracking system that is used by 1,500 carriers. This allows customers to track their shipment down to the street level to know where their freight is located, and when it will arrive.

Shipping can be done in flatbeds, freight or even a cargo van depending on the client’s needs. There are both local shipments and nationwide shipments that are used to ensure that your needs are always met.


Shipping packages through air can be done with the same low-cost rates all throughout the world. Shipments of 250,000 pounds can be delivered with milestone communication and door-to-door service. One-way-rates are given and done so with a True Pricing based quoting system.

Hold-and-pick-up, insurance, documentation and a variety of other services are offered by the company. All of the strict requirements set by the TSA are also offered so your shipment is never stuck in customs.


Importing or exporting goods? Panther Trucking also maintains an ocean freight service that allows them to enter into any port in the world. From full containers to partial, there is no cargo that cannot be shipped. There are even options for oversized cargo to anywhere in the world.

National and international services are offered.


Not sure how to complete your supply chain? Panther has a full logistics department and web-based platform so that customers can ensure their cargo is never stranded. Domestic and international options are offered with everything from rail to air and ocean to trucking is offered.

Managers are assigned with this service so that premium customers always have someone to talk to at all times.

Special Handling

Panther Elite is another division of the company that will ensure all of your special handling needs are met at all times. This means the complete procuring of any special equipment needed to ensure your shipment is intact once it arrives at its destination.

This service comes with a slew of extra options, such as temperature controlled freights, pallets, jacks and anything else that may be needed. Project logistics is also offered to ensure that every customer’s shipment is done in a timely, professional manner.

Panther Trucking ensures that every last detail of a shipment is handled with the utmost precision. This is a company based on meticulous details wherein they always ensure that shipments arrive on-time – every time.

From ground to air, there are solutions to meet the most difficult-to-transport items. Specialty shipments are also handled with ease so that there is never a time when customers have to worry about their cargo breaking, or getting it off of the truck.

With a diverse range of options, Panther Trucking is one of the most widely recognized names in the industry. An advanced tracking system also allows small and large companies alike to locate and track their shipments at all times to better prepare for its arrival.