CRST Trucking

CRST Trucking

CRST trucking company exists, first and foremost, in order to provide critical logistics services to the many industries that rely on freight delivery and transportation. They have established an excellent record for quality and turn key logistics solutions. For truckers, taht leads to many opportunities for career advancement with CRST as they continue to lead the transportation sector in growth and quality scores.

Truck driving is one of the important jobs that act as propelling engine in the industrial sector.

The current driver shortage is impacting the entire ecomony.

This is because many industries rely on the transportation of their raw materials from the source to the their factories. They also take the finished products to the market across all regions in North America.

In response to the need for quality and timely delivery of raw materials from the source to the factories and finished products to the community, CRST Trucking offer’s statistical and logistic services throughout the United States.

For the transportation sector, this enhances effectiveness and efficiency in terms of timely delivery and safe transportation of materials. This requires trained and qualified drivers who are able to match market demand and community expectations.

Career Opportunities With CRST

CRST Trucking

The most popular career choice includes certification training for truck drivers, company vans drivers, refrigerated drivers, household goods drivers, van operators, reefer operators, household goods operators among others. When the company offers logistics services, it is common that there are some professional jobs that are created such as administration, clerical, accounts, stores management among others.

Due to the careers provided in these CRST trucking companies, it implies the benefits it offers to the economy. This is because these employees are given an opportunity to earn revenue from which they pay taxes to the government. This is very important since the country can only survive when its large population is actively involved in meaningful employment.

Community Benefits That Are Provided By CRST

In developing the driving careers of many aspirant truck drivers, CRST Company offers an extensive sponsorship to hundreds of students who get advanced training. After the training, the students earn a certified license in truck driving. This increases the workforce within the industrial sector. This boosts the efficiency and effectiveness in terms of availability of trained and qualified labor and ready drivers who can deliver services to the industry.

Does CRST Have Their Own Truck Driving School ?

They have direct affiliations with some the best truck driving schools across the US.

Since they have no training facilities for their driving students. All training is done by partnership with several certified trucks driving schools. The company only registers and caters for the tuition fees charged by the training institution selected. After training with the institution, they are offered an opportunity of attachment in order to gain the experience and skills needed.

CRST Expedited

Apart from training opportunities, CRST Expedited offers its drivers and co-drivers an ample time for them to be with their families. This has a great social effect since the families need the attention of their dear ones.

In respect of this, there is an increased commitment of drivers towards the company.

CRST Expedited is a part of the CRST International brand. The division employs more than 3,500 drivers, making it one of the largest driver fleets in the industry. As its name suggests, CRST Expedited focuses on making quick deliveries. The company boasts that it can travel 1,100 miles in 24 hours thanks to its team drivers. Currently, the division services the lower 48 states as well as Mexico. Long haul and short haul shipments are available as well as CRST van expedited services.

If you’re considering a career with CRST Expedited, here’s what you need to know about your career options and pay.

In addition to offs and leaves, this specific company has an attractive package for its drivers. Every driver earns $0.49 US dollars per mile while the co-driver is assured of earning $0.43 US dollars per mile.

This acts as a motivation to them which gives the company an opportunity of retaining them. It is a common knowledge that a good package has an effect on quality service to the company.

There are several benefits that drivers get while working at the CRST Expedited. These benefits include dental and vision medical cover. There are also family and personal benefits which are offered in terms of money. There are also retirement benefits which give a sure guarantee of social security in the future.

This particular trucking company hires its employees from across all the states in North America. This wide coverage ensures that the workforce is competent and portrays the real face of the whole continent.

CRST Expedited offers many career options whether you’re just getting started or have many years of experience.

CRST Expedited Jobs

Currently, the Expedited division hires:

  • Contract students: If you choose to have CRST cover the cost of your driving school tuition, you’ll start out as a contract student.
  • Recent graduate: Recent graduates are also welcome into the CRST family.
  • Experienced drivers: Been in the trucking industry for a while? CRST hires experienced drivers who can quickly move up to Lead Drivers. Lead Drivers help train new recruits.
  • Lease purchase drivers: If you’re an owner operator, CRST will also be happy to hire you. The company also offers a Lease Purchase Program that lets drivers become their own bosses.

CRST Lease Purchase Program

Want the opportunity to become your own boss?

CRST Expedited offers a $0 down Lease Purchase Program. The program is designed to maximize profit and help you get into the mindset of being a small business owner. Low payments are offered and a nice sign-on bonus as well.

If you decide to participate in the program, you’ll be entitled to:

  • Consistent home time.
  • Top-of-the-line equipment.
  • 80% drop-and-hook and 99% no-touch freight.
  • First-rate safety program, including CRST’s famous driver-decision shutdown policy.


Besides hiring its own employees to work directly under the management, they work with independent contractors to deliver quality services. Engagement of these contractors ensures that they are able to cover all the tasks designated to them. Such contractors are assigned tasks that cannot be performed by the company directly.

With this information in mind, it is clear that working with this company is beneficial in terms of package and career development. Its dedication towards the development of manpower indicates that it cares for the community. This is the reality of social responsibility towards the society. The CRST company has a further benefit of delivering essential services to the industrial sector which is very vital to economic advancement.