EDI Express Inc.

EDI Express Inc

EDI Express Inc. is a leading LTL freight forwarder providing services from coast to coast. The company first opened its doors in July of 1994, and is committed to providing lightning fast service. EDI is typically 1-3 days faster than competitors, with coast to coast services taking just 3-5 days.

With 2-person sleeper teams, EDI can move freight at a much faster pace while keeping safety in mind. They have the lowest claims ratio, and will not over handle valuable freight.

EDI Express Headquarters & Route Area

EDI Express Services

EDI Express is headquartered in Torrance, California, which is north of the Los Angeles Harbor.

EDI’s route area includes four major regions in the U.S.: California, New Jersey/New York, Florida and New England.


Outbound routes from California include:

  • The entire East Coast (2-4 days for most locations)
  • 2-way service to the Northeast (3-6 days for most of New England; 1-4 days for New Jersey and parts of New York)
  • 2-way service to Florida (1-4 days to Miami; 2-4 days to central FL; 3-6 days for northern FL)
  • The Midwest (2-4 days for most locations)
  • The Southwest (1-4 days for Dallas, Houston, San Antonio in Texas; 2-4 days for the rest of Texas; 2-5 days for Louisiana, Oklahoma and Mississippi).

Inbound route to California include:

  • From Florida
  • From the Northeast

New Jersey/New York

Outbound routes from New Jersey/New York include:

  • The Midwest (2-4 days for Illinois; 3-5 days for Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Indiana, Wisconsin and Minnesota)
  • Florida (2-3 days for Miami; 2-4 days for central FL; 3-5 days for Northern FL)
  • Southwest (2-3 days to Dallas, Houston and San Antonio in Texas; 2-4 days for the remainder of Texas and Oklahoma; 3-5 days for New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada)
  • West (3-5 days for California; 2-4 days for Los Angeles, California; 3-6 days for Utah, Idaho, Oregon and Washington)

Inbound route to New Jersey/New York include:

  • From Florida
  • From California


Outbound routes from Florida include:

  • California (2-4 days for Los Angeles; 2-7 days for the remainder of the state)
  • The Northeast (1-4 days for New York metro area; 2-4 day for the remainder of New York and New Jersey, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maine, and New Hampshire)

Inbound route to Florida include:

  • From California
  • From the Northeast

New England

Outbound routes from Northeast include:

  • Midwest (2-4 days for Illinois; 2-4 days for Minnesota, Wisconsin, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, and Indiana)
  • West (2-4 days for California, Nevada; 2-5 days for Utah and Idaho; 3-6 days for Oregon and Washington)
  • Southwest (2-4 days for Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Arizona)
  • Florida (1-4 days for Miami, FL; 2-4 days for the rest of FL)

Inbound route to Northeast include:

  • From California
  • From Florida

EDI Express Services

EDI Express

EDI Express offers three types of Standard Delivery Service, which include:

  • LTL – Less Than Truck Load: EDI’s LTL service is expedited and takes 3-5 days from coast to coast. By comparison, it takes the competition 5-10 days to deliver freight across this distance.
  • FTL – Full Truck Load
  • Local Delivery

Guaranteed Delivery Service

EDI Express also offers a Guaranteed Delivery Service. If they don’t deliver on time, the customer doesn’t pay. This service is available, for a 25% premium, to most of the points the company services.


Driving Jobs at EDI Express

Drivers at EDI Express work in two-person sleeper teams to ensure that shipments get to their destinations on time.

LTL and FTL drivers can expect to spend most days on the road. Local drivers will get more home time, but the company’s routes can be demanding.

With guaranteed delivery options and the expectation of getting loads coast to coast in 3-5 days, drivers will need to meet strict deadlines while making safety a top priority.