Towne Air Freight


2016 UPDATE: Towne Air Freight Sold To Forward Air

Air freight is when cargo is delivered via an airline carrier and this is mostly used to deliver very large cargo or group cargo when it could be a hindrance to have these delivered purely by truck delivery. There are a lot of benefits to having cargo shipped via air freight since you now get to utilize the very tight and constantly upheld security in airports and both coast to coast trade and international trade are much more affordable, practical and time efficient.

Towne Air Freight is one such air freight company that guarantees top of the line security, speedy deliver and with a guarantee that your cargo will be intact and devoid of any damages and extra fines in any given situation.

Towne Air Freight

When it comes to delivering cargo from one end of the country to other, as large as the United States is, nothing can top Towne Air Freight. They have proven their worth and skill in delivering the best service for an ongoing forty-nine (49) years and they do not have any intention on slowing down. With the best services and most accommodating prices and promos, Towne Air Freight is the only solution one should seek for top notch cargo delivery. To get a good grasp on their level of experience and expertise, here is a quick dive into their basic history from foundation to the most current updates in their business.

Basic History of Towne Air Freight
Since 1963 Towne Air Freight has been delivering cargo. It all started with Eugene Towne who owned one delivery truck and had one employee under his wing. It was later purchased in 1982 by Gary Downey and by that time the company had grown to include eighteen employees, nine trucks and two tractors. The focus of the company back then was more on local delivery services and it also conducted delivery between South Bend which is where Eugene Towne had established the company and the Chicago O�Hare international airport.

From then on, up to 1993, the company had grown to become a coast to coast company, opening branches nationwide and forming partnerships with other delivery services and freight services such as Quik-X that functions in Canada. It later became a subsidiary of Towne Holdings Inc. and up to this date follows the same strategic function that had made the business boom in their earlier years. As of 2012 they have a total of sixty-four Towne facilities all over the nation, with most of them being airport to airport facilities that allow full travel services.

Towne Air Freight Logistics and Services

There is a solid reason why this company has been recognized as the cream of the crop when it comes to delivering the best services in air freight delivery and truck delivery. They have the best service programs that none can match such as their airport-to-door and door-to-airport program or their breakbulk services that work together to save you money, time and effort. Their services work to deliver you your cargo without too much paperwork, without unnecessary processing and within a reasonable amount of time that does not compromise safety and security. The aforementioned airport to door and the door to airport services mean you get to have them deliver the goods from the consignee to the airport and the other way around with one set of paperwork, making the entire process much easier to manage and keep track of. You get one invoice that stands for the entire process so you do not need to keep track of so many documents and you can keep your booking details on just one page.

Another important aspect to look into is Towne Air Freight tracking technology and services. By utilizing the most updated GPS technology it is really quick and easy to get an update on the whereabouts and conditions of your air freight cargo. You can apply for constantly updated flight status capabilities (FSU) which details you the exact condition of the flight carrying your package. You can check your invoice online or via fax and you can also receive hourly updates on shipment details and POD’s. You can also get a nightly summary to help you finish your auditing processes. A quick call on their toll free number will give you quick access to all these services, from shipment and POD updates to charges and shipment tracking.

The people working for the company are also top of the line employees that you could ever find in any business corporation nationwide. The toll free number is always backed up by a handful of helpful, polite and energetic customer service representatives that will always be willing to aid you with all the different services and offers that the company has to give. Every call is a pleasant experience so you won’t have any disagreement or disappointing argument with any representative on the line. The drivers that deliver your cargo on the truck lines are all trained and licensed to handle DOT and HAZMAT materials as well as being trained concerning TSA protocols. With the highest standards on delivery and safety you can rest assured that your cargo is in the best of hands. No other company offers top of the line training and certification for their uniformed workers.

The website is also a tool by itself. You can find every service available in concrete detail so you can figure out every informative bit by yourself or as mentioned you can call the toll free number to ask for assistance from a customer service representative. The website includes a map that details every facility that the company utilizes and there is a plethora of allocated pages for service updates, promos and frequently asked questions or FAQ’s. There is no other company this dedicated to secure and speedy delivery that any customer, business or broker should look no further. For over forty years Towne Air Freight has been the most trusted and most utilized delivery system in the nation, why alter the pattern now? You can visit their site and check out their services today or you could talk to any representative to get answers on more detailed questions that you may have.

2016 UPDATE: Towne Air Freight Sold To Forward Air