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West Virginia’s trucking industry plays a critical role in the state’s economy, connecting businesses to markets across the nation. With its mountainous terrain and strategic location near the middle Atlantic and southeastern United States, the trucking companies based here face unique challenges and opportunities. Trucking is not just a vital link in the supply chain; it’s also a significant source of employment and economic activity in the state.

The West Virginia Trucking Association represents the interests of these transporters, advocating for the safety and efficiency of trucking operations within the state. This association reflects the community’s commitment to maintaining high industry standards and addressing the collective needs of trucking companies and professionals.

West Virginia Trucking Jobs & Economy

In West Virginia, trucking serves as a significant component of the state’s economic framework, contributing substantially to both employment and the gross state product.

Job Market Overview

The trucking industry in West Virginia establishes a wide job market, primarily comprised of smaller, locally owned businesses. These companies collectively provide a considerable number of transportation jobs statewide. In fact, the trucking sector accounted for upwards of $1.7 billion in wages during 2019, with the average annual trucking industry salary being approximately $45,224.

Economic Impact Analysis

Trucking is not only a source of employment but also a key contributor to West Virginia’s economy. It supports a wide range of supporting businesses and is essential for the movement of goods. One out of every 15 jobs in the state is related to the trucking industry, which underscores its significant role in the economic vitality of West Virginia.

Our Top Rated Carriers In West Virginia

West Virginia Trucking Companies

DeBarr Trucking

872 Staunton Turnpike
Parkersburg, WV 26104

Founded in 1956 by Gerald DeBarr, DeBarr Trucking Co Inc. has established itself as a reputable company in Parkersburg, West Virginia. Now under the leadership of his sons, David and Dennis DeBarr, the company has maintained its family-owned status, ensuring a personalized approach to service.

Services and Expertise:

  • Dump Truck Services: Essential for construction and landscaping.
  • Hauling: Transport of a vast array of materials.
  • Aggregate Sales and Delivery: Offers a variety of materials for construction and other uses.

With a focus on quality customer service, the staff at DeBarr Trucking strives to meet the specific needs of each client. They are committed to delivering not just materials, but also satisfaction, ensuring that every service provided is characterized by reliability and punctuality. Their offerings include a range of high-quality aggregates that cater to both commercial and residential projects.

The company prides itself on the affordability and dependability of its services. Customers choose DeBarr Trucking because they know the company fulfills their sales and service requirements with the utmost convenience and assurance.

Key Attributes of DeBarr:

  • Family-owned with a personal touch.
  • Local presence with a strong focus on the Parkersburg community.
  • Reliable performance in delivering materials and services on time.

Houff Transfer

498 Goff Mountain Road
Cross Lanes, WV 25313

Established over eighty years ago, Houff Transfer has been a consistent presence in the Mid-Atlantic region, providing specialized freight distribution. Throughout its growth from a modest beginning, the company has maintained a focus on customer satisfaction and safety.

Terminals are strategically located across Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania, which allows the company to meet diverse customer requirements effectively. Centralized dispatch enhances efficiency, while drivers, closely associated with the local community, add a personal touch to their services.

The company’s drivers are not just experienced professionals; they also have the qualifications to manage hazardous materials. Many bear the Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC), affirming their clearance through the Department of Homeland Security. This adherence to security and safety standards reflects Houff Transfer’s commitment to reliable service.

The low driver turnover rate is indicative of the company’s investment in its employees, fostering an environment of teamwork and integrity. With a history of moving over 42,000 truckloads annually, Houff Transfer’s operational prowess is well-established.

  • Key Attributes:
    • Safety and Reliability: Paramount focus on secure, dependable transport.
    • Experienced Staff: Highly skilled drivers, many with TWIC.
    • Low Turnover: Statistical evidence of driver satisfaction and stability.
    • Regional Expertise: Knowledge and service tailored to Mid-Atlantic states.

For those seeking dependable truckload freight distribution in this region, Houff Transfer represents a blend of tradition and modern efficiency.

Burns Motor Freight

18750 Seneca Trail North
Marlinton, West Virginia 24954

In 1949, nestled within the Allegheny Mountains of Marlinton, West Virginia, Burns Motor Freight began as a single-truck operation. It was founded by Fred C. Burns Sr. who was driven by his passion for the trucking industry, a journey he embarked on with the acquisition of a 1948 LJ Mack truck.

Early Beginnings The origins of this now longstanding family enterprise trace back to a feed store owned by Fred’s father in Marlinton. With only a few trucks, he transported livestock and commodities between Marlinton and Baltimore, setting a foundation for the company’s foray into the freight industry.

Company Growth Over the years, Burns Motor Freight expanded beyond livestock, navigating industry regulations to secure permissions for various cargo types. These included lumber and general freight, facilitating the company’s growth. Commitment to quality service and timely communication became hallmarks of Burns Motor Freight, principles that have fueled their expansion to over a hundred tractors and multiple terminals.

Family Operated Ownership transitioned to Fred’s three sons in 1964, marking the incorporation of Burns Motor Freight, featuring their distinctive red diamond logo. Their success attributes to a combination of family involvement and professional management, with multiple generations contributing to the business’s robust operations.

Community and Industry Involvement Apart from business, the Burns family actively participates in community service. Leaders of the company have also significantly contributed at both the state and national levels of the trucking industry, exemplifying their dedication and influence within the sector.

A&P Trucking

629 Fairchance Rd
Morgantown, WV 26508

Based in Morgantown, A&P Trucking specializes in heavy hauling and rigging, showcasing a significant presence in the industry. With a comprehensive suite of services that includes equipment teardown and reassembly, as well as heavy equipment transportation, A&P Trucking has proven expertise in facilitating large-scale logistics.

Their fleet is diverse and robust, consisting of 20 trucks and 38 trailers. These include various combinations such as stepdecks, flatbeds, and lowboys that support up to 13 axle configurations. This variety shows their capability to manage a wide range of hauling needs.

Key Services:

  • Equipment Teardown & Reassembly
  • Equipment Hauling
  • Heavy Hauling
  • Oil & Gas Field Services

The organization operates four service trucks, fully equipped to handle a range of site requirements, along with a 23-ton boom truck to assist with teardown operations. They also boast winch trucks capable of handling loads of up to 100,000 pounds and utilize 2, 3, and 5 axle floats for different project necessities.

A&P Trucking’s commitment to quality and safety is evident, with their affiliation to ISNetworld and commendable client feedback, manifested in top grades for their services. This reputation underscores their reliability and proficiency in handling challenging tasks in the realm of heavy hauling and site development.

TJ Potter Trucking

Founded in 1984, TJ Potter Trucking has established itself as a reliable partner for heavy haul and superload transport across the United States and Canada. Although based out of Minnesota, they have a long history in West Virginia OTR freight. They provide flatbed trucking services with a specialization in the transportation of oversized and over-dimensional loads. With a fleet of diverse tractor trailers, including 5 to 19 axle combinations and rear-steer expandables, they can handle a wide range of freight requirements.

The company offers various services including:

  • Freight Shipping Service: Ensuring cargo is protected and tarped as needed.
  • Specialized Load Carriers: For machinery and equipment related to heavy construction and power generation.
  • Pilot Car Escort Service: To accompany oversized loads and ensure safe transit.

The logistics for challenging loads are meticulously arranged by an experienced team that manages load quoting, planning, equipment requirements, and driver selection. TJ Potter Trucking commits to delivering your machinery or equipment on time with their door-to-door service, easing the tracking process for clients.

Specialized Equipment Transported includes:

  • Construction Supplies
  • Commercial Propane Tanks
  • Compressors and Vertical Dairy Tanks

As part of its comprehensive service offerings, the team also manages warehousing functions providing full customer service at their Becker Warehouse & Reload facility. When coupled with their sibling company, Perkins STC, the range of transportation solutions expands further, allowing them to confront even more complex shipping projects.

WV State Trucking Regulations

West Virginia trucking companies operate under rigorous regulatory standards to ensure safety, compliance, and environmental responsibility within the state. These regulations are in place to maintain public safety and to ensure that trucking operations do not adversely affect the environment.

Licensing and Permits

Commercial trucking in West Virginia requires adherence to both federal and state-level licensing and permit regulations. According to the WV Department of Transportation, any commercial vehicle crossing state lines with a weight over 26,000 lbs, or with three or more axles on the power unit, must comply with the International Registration Plan (IRP). Additionally, specific permits might be required for oversize or overweight vehicles.

  • CDL Requirements: Drivers must possess a valid Commercial Driver’s License (CDL).
  • IRP Requirements: Vehicles over 26,000 lbs or with 3+ axles on power unit need IRP registration.

Safety and Inspections

Safety standards are crucial in governing the operation of commercial vehicles in West Virginia. Companies must ensure that their vehicles undergo regular safety inspections and that their drivers comply with hours-of-service regulations to prevent driver fatigue. The Public Service Commission of West Virginia outlines that vehicles used in commerce and meeting certain criteria are subject to these safety regulations.

  • Safety Inspections: Periodic inspections to maintain vehicle safety standards.
  • Driver Compliance: Adherence to regulated hours-of-service to ensure driver alertness.

Environmental Standards

West Virginia trucking regulations also include environmental standards aimed at minimizing the transportation sector’s impact on the environment. These standards relate to vehicle emissions and the transportation of hazardous materials. Companies must also adhere to the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax as detailed by the West Virginia Trucking Association.

  • Emission Controls: Compliance with state and federal emission standards.
  • Hazardous Materials: Proper handling and transportation of hazardous materials in accordance with safety guidelines.

WV Trucking Routes and Infrastructure

WV trucking routes

West Virginia’s rugged topography is traversed by an extensive network of trucking routes and infrastructure essential to its economy. These routes are vital for the state‚Äôs trucking industry, facilitating the efficient movement of goods.

Major Highways

West Virginia’s trucking network is centered around several key highways. Interstate 64 and Interstate 77 intersect at Charleston, creating a hub for truck transport. Meanwhile, Interstate 79 provides a direct route from the north of West Virginia to the south, easing access for long-distance hauls.

Freight Corridors

Among the state’s freight corridors, U.S. Route 50 stands out as a significant east-west passage for transporting goods through the northern part of West Virginia, while U.S. Route 52 runs parallel to the Big Sandy and Ohio Rivers, serving as a major thoroughfare for commerce in the southern regions.

Traffic Congestion Points

Traffic congestion can occur in urban areas like Charleston, Huntington, and Morgantown during peak hours, with Interstate 64 through Charleston being known for slowdowns. Truckers often face delays near major industrial and commercial centers, where freight traffic is densest.

Different Types of Carriers Operating in WV

Large Fleet Operators

In West Virginia, significant contributors to the transportation sector include large fleet operators that provide extensive coverage and a wide array of logistic services. These companies often feature prominently in the state’s trucking ecosystem, with fleets that are well-maintained and equipped with the latest technology for efficient asset tracking and cargo handling.

Specialized Transport Services

Specialized transport services in West Virginia address specific industry needs such as heavy materials, hazardous goods, or oversized items. These firms differentiate themselves with custom solutions and highly trained personnel to handle complex logistics requirements, ensuring adherence to safety and regulatory standards.

Family-Owned Trucking Firms

Family-owned trucking firms are a cornerstone of the West Virginia trucking community, often characterized by personalized service and long-standing regional expertise. They maintain strong customer relationships and have a notable presence in local economies, contributing to job creation and community development.