SAP Friendly Trucking Companies

SAP Friendly Trucking Companies Guide

The Substance Abuse Program (SAP) is a crucial aspect of ensuring safety and compliance within the trucking industry. The SAP program aids truck drivers and other commercial motor vehicle operators in complying with the Department of Transportation’s Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse regulations. Trucking companies that are SAP friendly are those that hire drivers who have completed a SAP evaluation and treatment program following a violation of these regulations.

These SAP friendly trucking companies understand the importance of providing a second chance to drivers who may have encountered issues related to substance abuse. By offering employment opportunities to individuals who have completed a SAP program, they help drivers get back on track with their careers while promoting a safe and responsible work environment.

Trucking companies that are considered SAP friendly often have specific policies and procedures in place related to driver hiring and monitoring. These may include additional training in substance abuse awareness, strict adherence to federal safety regulations, and a commitment to fostering open communication with their drivers.

In the context of the industry, the relevance of SAP friendly trucking companies lies in their ability to balance the safety of all road users while actively supporting the rehabilitation and reintegration of drivers who have faced substance abuse-related challenges. By adopting and implementing SAP friendly policies, these companies not only contribute to safer roads but also help to address potential driver shortages and support the well-being of their workforce.

It is essential for drivers seeking a SAP friendly trucking company to research the specific policies and requirements that each potential employer has in place. This will help them understand whether the company offers suitable employment options and a supportive environment for their unique needs.

Additionally, drivers are encouraged to maintain open communication with the company throughout the hiring process to ensure a successful transition back into the trucking workforce.

Working for a SAP friendly company can promote a sense of camaraderie among drivers. Many of these companies emphasize teamwork, safety, and well-being, fostering a supportive culture that extends beyond their SAP program assistance.

Examples of SAP program driver friendly trucking companies include Devalle and TMT Logistics. These organizations take pride in their commitment to offering competitive compensation packages, placing great importance on their employees’ welfare.

Can I get a trucking job after failing a drug test with an SAP friendly company?

Yes, it is possible to get a trucking job after failing a drug test with a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) friendly company. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) mandates that drivers who fail a drug test must complete evaluations and substance abuse programs before operating a truck again for any employer source). These programs, conducted by SAPs, help drivers get back on track and ensure they meet the necessary requirements for returning to work.

After completing the SAP program, drivers typically must undergo a follow-up evaluation to verify their progress. This process can include recommendations for education, treatment, follow-up testing, or aftercare, according to the Department of Transportation.

Finding a trucking company that is willing to hire drivers who have completed the SAP program may require some research. There are trucking companies that have a DOT second chance policy, allowing drivers who have successfully finished the SAP program to be considered for employment.

It is helpful to stay proactive and network with others in the trucking industry to learn about companies that are open to hiring those who have completed the SAP program. Seeking guidance from driver support forums or discussing the matter with fellow drivers and industry professionals can provide valuable insights and potential job opportunities.

Keep in mind that even with an SAP friendly company, there is no guarantee of employment, and other factors may influence the hiring process. However, completing the SAP program and demonstrating commitment to meeting regulatory requirements can place drivers in a better position to secure a trucking job.

How does a company become SAP friendly in the trucking industry?

Becoming an SAP friendly trucking company requires implementing policies and programs that prioritize support for drivers who have undergone a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) evaluation and are seeking to return to work. There are a few key steps companies can take to build an SAP friendly environment.

Firstly, companies need to establish a comprehensive return-to-work program for SAP drivers. This might include back pay, ongoing support, and additional training to help drivers transition back into their roles. For instance, Devalle Devalle offers competitive compensation packages and a well-structured return-to-work program for SAP drivers.

Secondly, open communication and transparency play a crucial role in making a company SAP friendly. Trucking companies must communicate with employees about the SAP program to raise awareness and help destigmatize issues related to substance abuse. Collaborative efforts between management and employees help create an understanding and supportive environment for drivers undergoing the SAP process.

Additionally, employing trained and qualified substance abuse professionals is an essential aspect of providing effective support to drivers. These professionals must adhere to federal guidelines and complete specific qualification courses in order to ensure that drivers receive appropriate evaluations, treatment, and follow-up care.

Another important consideration is providing access to resources that aid driver recovery. This might involve connecting drivers with relevant support groups, counseling services, or helpful informational materials on addiction and recovery.

Lastly, embracing a culture of safety is crucial for an SAP friendly trucking company. By prioritizing safety, companies send a message to their employees that taking appropriate steps to address substance abuse concerns is both encouraged and valued in the workplace.

Following these steps can help a trucking company build an SAP friendly environment, benefiting both their drivers and the overall success of the company.

Top SAP Friendly Trucking Companies

TMT Logistics

TMT Logistics is a family-owned and operated total logistics company that was founded in 1999. With humble beginnings in a 65,000 sq ft warehouse providing local shuttles and pick-pack operations for a major pressure-sensitive label company based in Scranton, PA, TMT logistics has grown significantly over the years.

Under the leadership of Mark, who started his transportation career in 1978 as a rate clerk and dispatcher for an air freight company in PA, TMT has focused on innovation and providing highly individualized service to its clients. Mark’s experience working in logistics for a transportation broker in Illinois and Wisconsin has been instrumental in shaping the company’s ethos and commitment to customer needs.

As a certified WOSB/WBE nationwide logistics provider, TMT Logistics now offers a wide range of transportation solutions to its clients. The company has managed to build lasting relationships with customers through a keen focus on exceeding their expectations. They are one of the top rated brands for giving drivers a second chance, this includes drivers that have completed a SAP program.

From vans, flats, and Conestoga services to handling overweight shipments, TMT Logistics has emerged as a dependable carrier for various types of transportation needs.


UPS is a well-established company that provides opportunities for SAP drivers. They have a strong commitment to safety and compliance with regulations. This includes dealing with drivers who have violated substance abuse policies. UPS operates in various locations, including NY, IL, and Fort Worth, TX. Drivers who have completed a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) program can pursue a career with UPS, a company that values professionalism and responsible behavior.

J Brothers Logistics Inc

J Brothers Logistics Inc is a trucking company that has established itself as an SAP friendly employer. With a focus on providing safe, reliable transportation services, they offer opportunities for drivers who have completed the required SAP program. With locations in NY, IL, and Fort Worth, TX, J Brothers Logistics Inc creates accessible job opportunities for SAP drivers.

CK Transportation

CK Transportation is another trucking company that supports SAP drivers in their return to work. Their dedication to professionalism and legal compliance ensures a supportive environment for drivers who have completed the SAP program. Operating in NY, IL, and Fort Worth, TX, CK Transportation offers employment opportunities to SAP drivers who are committed to safe and responsible driving.

ILS Trucking Company

ILS Trucking Company is an SAP friendly employer that recognizes the importance of safety and regulatory compliance. By providing opportunities to drivers who have completed the SAP program, they promote responsible driving and create a supportive work environment. With locations in NY, IL, and Fort Worth, TX, ILS Trucking Company is a promising career destination for SAP drivers on their path to recovery.

SAP Trucking Jobs Requirements

Prior Driving Experience

When looking for SAP-friendly trucking companies, it’s essential for potential drivers to understand the driving experience requirements. Most companies seek drivers with a minimum of one to two years of Over-The-Road (OTR) experience and a valid Class A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). This experience level ensures that drivers are familiar with the demands of long-haul trucking and are capable of handling their trucks safely on the road.

SAP drivers, those with a prior Substance Abuse Professional assessment, often have additional requirements they need to meet, such as participation in ongoing drug and alcohol testing and compliance with the necessary treatment programs.

Recruitment and Hiring Process

The recruitment and hiring process for full-time SAP trucking jobs varies depending on the specific company, but there are some common components:

  1. Initial Application: Prospective drivers submit an application to the company, outlining their driving experience, educational background, and qualifications.
  2. Background Check: After reviewing the application, the company may conduct a thorough background check, including verifying previous employment, reviewing driving records, and examining any criminal offenses.
  3. Pre-Employment Drug Screen: A pre-employment drug test is standard in the trucking industry to ensure the safety of all drivers and comply with federal regulations.
  4. SAP Program Completion: If a driver has previously violated substance abuse policies, the company may require proof of successful completion of the SAP program before finalizing the hiring decision.
  5. Orientation and Training: Once a candidate has passed the required checks and screenings, the company may offer formal orientation and training programs to help new hires understand the company’s policies and expectations.