Trucking Companies in Houston, TX

trucking companies in houston, tx

The city of Houston plays a crucial role in the freight supply chain, serving as a linchpin for trade and commerce in the region and a key role in the transport infrastructure of the wider United States. The sprawling Houston area, known for its vast industrial base, relies heavily on the efficiency and reliability of transportation services to move goods to and from one of the nation’s largest ports and across a network of interstate highways.

Houston trucking services encompass a wide array of specialties, including flatbed, dry van, and container transportation, to accommodate the diverse needs of the local economy. These companies range from large, nationally recognized fleets to smaller, family-owned operations, each playing its distinct part in facilitating the flow of commerce. They often provide value-added services such as local job site deliveries, cargo storage solutions, and expedited shipping, further contributing to their indispensable role in connecting the region’s businesses with markets across the country and beyond.

The city’s strategic position as a gateway to international trade amplifies the importance of the transportation industry in Houston. They not only ensure the timely delivery of raw materials to manufacturers but also enable the distribution of finished goods to consumers. The transportation infrastructure, coupled with the presence of a robust trucking industry, fortifies Houston’s status as a critical hub for logistics in the United States.

Houston Trucking Companies List

Houston’s trucking industry is marked by an array of reputable carriers known for reliable services and extensive experience in transportation and logistics. These companies range from long-standing family businesses to versatile multi-service transportation firms, as well as specialized carriers with a focus on particular types of freight.

Palletized Trucking

2001 Collingsworth Street
Houston, TX 77009

Palletized Trucking is a versatile transportation provider, addressing the requirements for both domestic and international shipments. With a significant presence within the Houston Commercial Zone, the company extends its services across the entire US and Canada.

Palletized Trucking operates a sizable fleet, offering a range of trailers and equipment to accommodate various types of cargo. Notably, the company’s fleet includes:

  • Lowboys: Ideal for transporting heavy and oversized equipment.
  • Stretch Floats: To handle exceptionally long loads.
  • Flatbeds: For cargo that does not require enclosure.
  • Dry Vans: Enclosed trailers for general freight.
  • Intermodal Chassis: Designed for easy container transport.

They are particularly equipped for specialized heavy haul tasks with the capability to transport loads weighing over a million pounds, showcasing their commitment to fulfilling extensive transportation needs.

Palletized Trucking positions itself as an innovative leader, pledging absolute excellence in all aspects of service. Central to their mission is their commitment to safety, dependability, and efficiency, ensuring they continually meet or even surpass customer expectations.

The company values the shared success of its team—from office staff to drivers and owner-operators. The emphasis on a family-oriented work environment, professional growth, and individual acknowledgment underlines the company’s dedication to its people, as they are instrumental in driving the company’s success.

Sunburst Truck Lines

5121A Oates Rd.
Houston, TX 77013

Founded with a commitment to excellent service, Sunburst Truck Lines has proven to be a leading entity in intermodal trucking within the Houston region. The company takes pride in its professional dispatchers, ensuring an effective and respectful communication line throughout the freight journey.

Safety and efficiency are paramount for Sunburst Truck Lines, with a clear focus on maintaining a safe work environment. This has contributed to the successful operation of its fleet, largely composed of dedicated owner/operators. Instances of their steadfast safety culture are evident in their daily operations, which they believe serves the interest of both customers and drivers.

By adopting advanced technology, Sunburst ensures transparency and security in the tracking of shipments, from the initial order to final delivery. The utilization of up-to-date tools translates into a seamless experience for customers, who can effortlessly monitor their cargo.

Sunburst cherishes the development of lasting relationships with its drivers, instilling a culture that values family, safety, and professionalism. They recognize that nurturing these relationships leads to enhanced service quality for their customers. Through forming meaningful connections with responsible contractors, Sunburst Truck Lines creates a harmonious work setting that benefits all parties involved.

The leadership team at Sunburst Truck Lines places a strong emphasis on community involvement as well. They actively participate and collaborate with local organizations, like More Than The Move, to generate a positive social impact. This spirit of giving back is interwoven with their business ethics, demonstrating their dedication beyond just business metrics.

For those seeking a trusted partner in the intermodal freight transportation sector, Sunburst Truck Lines provides an unparalleled advantage. They offer a blend of professionalized service, safety-oriented practices, and a community-centric approach, making them a respected provider in the Houston area and beyond.

Shark Trucking

12106 Mesa Drive
Houston, TX 77016

Since its inception in 1993, Shark Trucking has evolved from a small operation with just two commercial vehicles to a recognized logistics corporation within Texas, boasting a fleet of over 60 units. This substantial growth reflects their dedication to transporting a massive quantity of freight, evidenced by their movement of over 10,000 loads in 2008 alone.

The company prides itself on its comprehensive suite of freight services, which includes full-service flatbed transportation and local jobsite deliveries, equipped with onboard forklifts for ease of handling. Catering to the bustling Port of Houston, Shark Trucking also specializes in catching and cartage services, ensuring efficient handling of goods to and from this key logistics hub.

Employee well-being is a core value at Shark Trucking. Recognizing drivers as an essential asset, the company fosters a positive work environment and constructs a healthy work-life balance, which allows drivers to spend weekends at home and enjoy full benefits. They contribute to their drivers’ quality of life by providing significant vacation allowances.

In addition to moving freight, Shark Trucking facilitates storage and handling solutions, offering both short-term and long-term options to suit client needs. Their services extend to managing pipe yards, showcasing their ability to handle a diverse range of logistic requirements.

For businesses interested in leveraging Shark Trucking’s services or individuals looking to join the vibrant team, inquiries can be made to explore partnership opportunities or to discover current job openings. The company’s commitment to effective service and customer satisfaction remains paramount as they continue to serve the Texan community and beyond.

Bennett Motor Express

10600 Beaumont Hwy
Houston, TX 77078

Bennett Motor Express (BME) is renowned for its proficiency as a transport carrier, specializing in flatbed and heavy haul operations in the Houston area. This esteemed reputation has been further solidified through a strategic partnership with Bennett Distribution Services (BDS), enhancing capabilities in storage and distribution.

Houston’s key staff has skillfully modified their business strategies to stay abreast of industry trends, especially within the oil and gas sector. Despite a downturn in the oil and gas industry, Bennett Motor Express has diversified its services. This includes innovative project logistics support along the Texas Gulf Coast region, catering especially to the modular transportation and pre-fabricated liquid natural gas (LNG) pipe spools.

The company boasts a comprehensive 27-acre facility mere miles from the Port of Houston, facilitating efficient break-bulk and containerized cargo management. Their impressive fleet includes over 150 drivers with service coverage extending from New Orleans to Brownsville and an array of specialized trailering options like:

  • Step deck trailers: For legal and oversized loads
  • Stretch flatbeds: Up to 90 feet long for extended cargo
  • Heavy haul trailers: Featuring multi-axle setups for substantial weight capacities
  • Intermodal solutions: For seamless container transportation

With a firm commitment to safety, BME’s fleet is operated by TWIC, HSSE, and safety-trained drivers, ensuring rigorous adherence to project safety requirements. The company’s logistics and transportation provider expertise also includes state-of-the-art management software for inventory and materials, supporting intricate project needs.

Additionally, Bennett Motor Express provides enhanced inventory systems and high-caliber project reports, enabling effective coordination and communication for customer projects. Their commitment is reflected in their readiness to invest in facilities, equipment, and personnel to ensure prompt delivery for ongoing projects.

JA Harris Trucking

P.O. Box 15176
Houston, TX 77220

Founded in 2004 by Jaime A. Harris and Rogelio Gonzalez, JA Harris Trucking, Inc. has established itself as a professional player in the flatbed trucking industry. They began their operations in the vicinity of Houston’s Ship Channel area with only a modest fleet.

The company saw significant development with the addition of Joe Harris in October 2005, who took charge of administration and strategic growth. Since then, JA Harris Trucking has expanded its fleet to 30 trucks, enabling efficient transportation services across the 48 contiguous states.

Safety and service are paramount for this firm. They offer a diverse selection of hauling equipment, including Flatbeds, Single & Double Drops, Stretch Trailers, and more. Their commitment to customer satisfaction fosters strong client relationships and generates steady growth.

In 2007, the company obtained its brokerage license from the United States Department of Transportation. This license allows them to leverage additional capacity, brokering out excess freight to other carriers, an advantage for handling high-volume shipping needs.

JA Harris Trucking prides itself on its flexibility and ability to accommodate diverse shipping demands, whether it involves container hauling or specialized oversized loads. Their services emphasize reliability and adherence to timelines, key factors that contribute to the trust clients place in them.

While JA Harris Trucking is not the largest company in Texas, its reputation is one of the best.
They look to the future with anticipation, continually seeking ways to innovate and enhance the flatbed trucking solutions they offer to their partners.

Cannonball Trucking

11007 Telephone Rd
Houston, TX 77075

In 1964, a new delivery service aptly named Harlan’s Hot Shot Delivery laid the foundation for what would become Cannonball Trucking. Shortly after its inception, the company changed hands and underwent a significant transformation under new ownership, who acquired the necessary assets to fully take the reins.

The company quickly found its footing by securing a pivotal contract with Tenneco Oil in 1965, situating itself to serve the petrochemical industry’s growing demands for reliable carriers. Its commitment to round-the-clock service and stringent safety protocols underpinned its early success. Cannonball Trucking introduced meticulous hiring practices for drivers and implemented a safety compliance program that set the industry standard. Their strategies proved effective, earning them the majority of contracts with local plant operations.

In 1985, Cannonball Trucking expanded its operational capabilities by procuring a TRC Certificate of Authority for regulated intrastate shipments, later extending into interstate transport across the continental United States and Canada. This expansion reflected a dedication to adaptability and growth in the freight services sector.

Despite the sweeping changes of 1995’s trucking industry deregulation, the company not only withstood the upheaval but continued to thrive. It pioneered the optimization of carrier and customer relationships, using shipment data to improve shipping procedures and reduce excess costs for clients. This foresight and innovation allowed the company to flourish while many of its competitors struggled to adapt.

To this day, Cannonball Trucking prides itself on superior customer service, robust safety records, and long-lasting client relationships. The team’s people-centric approach results in employee and contractor loyalty, underscored by the retention of drivers for numerous years. Transparency is championed through an open-door policy, allowing direct communication with management.

The operational leadership, boasting over forty years of combined experience, alongside a sales team with an impressive tenure, empowers the company to solve complex logistical challenges and consistently deliver quality service.

Action Trucking

1306 E Anderson Road
Houston, TX 77047

Action Trucking is a renowned entity in Houston’s waste management industry, offering comprehensive waste disposal and transportation services. For over four decades, the company has dedicated itself to servicing a vast number of buildings and construction sites, emphasizing timely service and customer satisfaction.

The services provided by Action Trucking are customer-focused, available promptly as needed, and not merely at the company’s convenience. With a straightforward contact approach, clients are assured direct access without the hassle of voicemail or navigating through corporate bureaucracy. The staff is not only friendly but committed, reflecting the company’s core value of treating customers with utmost respect.

Waste hauling is more than just removing refuse; it’s about providing a clean, safe environment post-construction. Action Trucking excels in construction site cleanup, ensuring that sites are cleared of debris and materials effectively. They have both the equipment and expertise necessary to manage waste from residential and commercial construction projects.

In addition to regular garbage disposal services, the company supports projects requiring unique disposal solutions or LEED reporting, showcasing a commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

For those in need of professional assistance with clearing a building site or managing regular collection service, Action Trucking stands ready with competitive pricing and expert support.

Houston’s Role in the Greater U.S. Logistics Landscape

Trucking in Texas is more than just a means of transportation; it’s an economic powerhouse. With its extensive network of highways and its position as a gateway to the United States, Texas relies heavily on its trucking industry to facilitate the movement of goods. Trucks are responsible for the majority of freight movement in the state, underscoring their significance in supporting Texas’s vast economy.

As we said in the intro, Houston is a linchpin in the U.S. logistics and supply chain network. As home to the largest port in the Gulf Coast, the Port of Houston, the city is an international hub for trade.

A considerable portion of goods transported within the United States involves Houston’s transportation services, with a fleet of trucks that enable efficient cargo distribution to and from the port and surrounding areas. Houston’s strategic location further solidifies its role in national trucking, connecting the Gulf Coast with North America’s interior.

Houston’s trucking industry offers a broad spectrum of services to meet the diverse shipping needs of businesses. Each type of service is tailored to different cargo sizes, distances, and special requirements.

Industry Sectors Served

The trucking industry in Houston caters to a diverse range of sectors, and specialized companies often focus on particular types of freight related to the region’s most prominent industries such as oilfield operations and petrochemicals, as well as retail sectors vital to the Gulf Coast economy.

Oilfield and Petrochemical Transportation

Houston is a central hub for the oilfield trucking and petrochemical sectors due to its strategic location along the Gulf Coast. Companies in this space transport everything from raw materials to finished products. They are adept at handling the complexities of safety standards and regulatory compliance essential for hazardous and specialized cargo associated with the oil and gas industry.

Heavy Haul and Oversized Loads

Specialized heavy haul trucking companies in Houston play a crucial role in moving oversized loads critical for the construction and energy sectors. These loads often include large machinery, construction modules, and components for wind turbines, requiring expertise and equipment specifically designed to transport heavy and oversized freight.

Retail and Consumer Goods

Houston’s trucking firms also serve the retail sector, ensuring that a consistent flow of consumer goods reaches distribution centers, retail outlets, and customers. They manage a variety of retail merchandise, offering solutions encompassing supply chain logistics to accommodate seasonal demands and market fluctuations.

Carrier Services

Full Truckload Services

Full truckload carriers in Houston provide transportation services for shipments that typically occupy the entire space of a truck. These services are ideal for large shipments that might weigh more than 15,000 pounds or require the full dimension of the trailer. Companies opting for full truckload services benefit from direct routes, as their cargo is not transferred between different trucks along the way.

Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) Shipping

For smaller shipments that do not require an entire trailer, Less-than-Truckload (LTL) shipping is a cost-effective option. LTL carriers in Houston specialize in transporting cargo that may only take up a portion of the trailer’s space, allowing shippers to only pay for the space they use. This method is also good for businesses that are looking to ship amounts ranging from 150 to 15,000 pounds.

Intermodal Transportation

Intermodal transportation is a flexible shipping method that involves multiple modes of transportation, such as truck, rail, or even ship. Houston trucking companies that provide intermodal services excel in efficiency and often offer significant cost savings. Intermodal solutions are best suited for long-distance shipping and are a more environmentally friendly option due to the use of rail networks.

Specialized Freight Services

When businesses have cargo that requires special handling or equipment, such as oversized loads, temperature-controlled goods, or hazardous materials, specialized freight services are necessary. Trucking companies in Houston offer specialized freight that adhere to strict industry standards and regulations to ensure safe and reliable transport of delicate or unique goods.

Port of Houston | Freight Shipping Services

The Port of Houston is a significant nexus for shipping and logistics services, providing a comprehensive array of options for the handling and movement of goods. Its infrastructure and services play a pivotal role in the efficiency of supply chains passing through the region.

Drayage and Transloading Services

The Port of Houston is renowned for its drayage and transloading services, supporting the swift movement of cargo between ships and local transportation. These services are essential for ensuring timely deliveries and are particularly critical for the efficient functioning of intermodal transport operations. Gulf Winds, located at the Bayport Project Yard, has over 25 years of experience in delivering robust transportation solutions and is identified as the largest provider in the area.

Shipping and Supply Chain Integration

Offering carrier services, Port Houston stands out as a facilitator of international shipping and supply chain integration. By working with numerous ocean carriers and maintaining connections on all major trade lanes, it ensures reliable service and drives regional prosperity. Through these efforts, the port is instrumental in effectively integrating logistics services within the broader context of the supply chain, helping businesses optimize their shipment schedules and container service transit times.

Frequently Asked Questions

The transportation industry often raises questions about employment opportunities, fleet size, specialized services, training, and opportunities with small-scale firms. This section addresses common inquiries concerning the trucking companies within the Houston area.

Which trucking companies in Houston offer the best employment opportunities?

Drivers have many great options in the Houston area for CDL jobs. To say which is the best, would not be fair since each driver has different experience and requirements.

Can you recommend any Houston-based refrigerated trucking services?

For businesses seeking refrigerated trucking services, BFT Trucking provides transportation for perishables and other goods requiring temperature control. They tailor services to meet specific supplier specifications and timing requirements.

Are there any small-scale trucking firms in Houston looking for drivers?

Small-scale trucking firms often seek drivers to join their teams. Interested drivers can refer to local listings and let us help you find family-owned or locally-operated Houston trucking companies in need of drivers.